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USCIS's Latest Policy Updates that Might Be Of Significance To Jamaicans In The United States.

Jamaica Connect and the Embassy of Jamaica as part of it's renewed communications focused will use this platform to update Jamaicans about the latest USCIS and Immigration updates, changes and proposal. We will post applicable links for readers to peruse and take action where necessary. All information posted on this website is retrievable directly from the USCIS website. Click on each link below to see the latest updates.

Some of the latest Policy Updates include;

New Policy regarding the Public Charge Rule

New Policy for Naturalization Applications

Revised Naturalization Testing

Expansion of Interviews for Refugees and Asylees

Updates on Discretionary Factors for Sponsors

Limits to Work Permits for Aliens with Removal Orders



(Jamaica Connect disseminates information available and accessible to the public and does not own the rights to any of the information or links above)

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