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Restrictions On Non-Essential Travel To Canada Will Continue Through November 30th

The border is closed to foreign travelers who are coming to Canada for a non-essential reason such as recreation, tourism, or entertainment.

Some people are exempt from travel restrictions, such as:

  • Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) or permanent residents;

  • certain people who have been approved for Canadian permanent residence;

  • certain temporary foreign workers;

  • certain international students;

  • protected persons;

  • immediate family members of Canadians;

  • extended family members of Canadians;

  • people coming to Canada for compassionate reasons; or

  • anyone else who falls under the exemptions listed on the government’s webpage.

Earlier this month, Canada eased travel restrictions on students, and extended family members.

The federal government is also allowing people to come to Canada for compassionate reasons, such as:

to be present during the final moments of life for a loved one, or to provide support or care for someone who is critically ill; to provide medical support to a person who needs it; or to attend a funeral, or end of life ceremony.

These compassionate travelers will also be able to apply for a break from the mandatory quarantine requirement.

Before coming to Canada, they can fill out a an application to get limited release from quarantine before the 14 days are up.

They can use this time to say goodbye to loved ones.

The only other exemptions to the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement are:

(Source CIC News)


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