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Prime Minister Andrew Holness Urges Diaspora Not to Travel Home This Christmas Unless They Have To.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Honourable Mr. Andrew Holness made a plea in Parliament last Tuesday to the Diaspora, urging those abroad not to come home this Christmas unless it's necessary or deemed essential. “I know, as is customary, you may want to come home for Christmas…I’m not saying don’t come (but) I’m saying if you don’t need to travel to come for Christmas, then reconsider it,” said Mr. Holness.

In his speech,the Prime Minister also stressed the importance of ensuring that those who will travel remain in the resilient corridor.Don’t leave the resilient corridor to come and look for grandma and auntie; maintain the protocols. And if you come, there is a strict quarantine protocol in place under the Disaster Risk Management Act for 14 days,” he further stated. Read more here.

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