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Jamaica’s Ambassador Lauds St. George's Society of New York

WASHINGTON DC. October 28, 2021 - Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States Her Excellency Audrey Marks has lauded the St. George's Society of New York for its donation of some 400 scholarships valued at one million US dollars to students of Commonwealth heritage throughout New York’s City University system.

Ambassador Marks said the 215 year old organization, founded in 1777 is one of the oldest charities in the United States, and established the fund in 2008 to provide opportunities for needy university students of commonwealth heritage, including Jamaicans within the City University.

Her remarks came as she congratulated Jamaica’s ambassador for Investment and Philanthropy, Mrs Paula Kerr-Jarrett Wegman who was conferred with the honour of the St. George's Society of New York's Commonwealth Award on Tuesday October 26 at its annual English Ball held at the St. Pierre Hotel in Manhattan.

She was among two other individuals who received awards. These include the Medal of Honour to Sir. Rocco Forte and the Order of St. George’s Society to Mr. John Shannon.

In accepting the award, Ambassdor Paula Kerr Jarrett Wegman pointed out that higher education served as an engine for social and economic mobility, and in removing financial barriers, it ensured that these students who were high achievers will have the opportunity to graduate and achieve their professional goals.

She went on to emphasize that since the inception of this scholarship programme, it has provided important and valuable financial aid to students especially in the critical final year of undergrad studies.

In congratulating Ambassador Kerr-Jarrett Wegman, Ambassador Marks said the award reflected the outstanding contribution she has given over the period of her stewardship, pointing to the tremendous support that she has given to students.

Ambassador Kerr-Jarrett Wegman is a worthy recipient of this award as it epitomizes the goals and the mission of this two hundred year old organization, she said.

The Commonwealth Award was established in 2010 to recognize people who have contributed to the Commonwealth community. At its annual English Ball on Tuesday, the organization raised some US$150,000.


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