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Government Of Jamaica Announces New Testing Requirements For Travellers, Effective March 4th.

The Government of Jamaica has announced new testing requirements for all travellers

entering the country. As of Thursday March 4, 2021, all persons entering Jamaica (both

Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans) will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test

which was conducted within 72 hours prior to date of travel at check-in for their flights.

In addition to this pre-testing requirement, business travellers will need to present

to the Ministry of Health and Wellness, a negative COVID-19 test, which is conducted

after arrival in Jamaica at their own expense.


• All persons intending to travel to Jamaica must apply for and obtain approval for a

Travel Authorization before arrival in Jamaica. Apply online at

• While Jamaica maintains nightly limitations on movement, airport transfers within

the restricted hours will not be affected. If stopped, visitors may be asked to show

their flight details.

• An “unfit to fly” notice will be issued to the airlines for persons who test positive

while in Jamaica. Persons will be allowed to leave Jamaica using medical

evacuation or private flights.

• All passengers traveling to the United States as of January 26, 2021, are to

provide a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 72 hours before their

flight or proof of recovery from COVID-19 before boarding.

• Travellers who will not be staying along the resilient corridors within resort areas,

will be required to quarantine for 14days. Business travellers will quarantine for 2

days pending results from a COVID-19 test on entry.

For more information on entry protocols for Jamaica, please see the Jamaica Tourist Board Website.

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