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Requirements for the Volume of a Ph.D. Thesis

In this article, we will look at another important aspect of writing a PhD - your first academic research. Let's talk about the amount of work. The presentation of the main requirements will proceed according to the following plan:

  • what is a Ph.D. thesis?

  • general requirements for the volume of a Ph.D. thesis;

  • general requirements for the volume of the abstract of the candidate's dissertation;

  • how many pages should a PhD thesis have in total?

  • distribution of volume by sections;

  • assistance in writing a Ph.D. thesis.

What is a PhD thesis?

A PhD dissertation is the first academic work of a person who wants to become a scientist. The main task of postgraduate education is to compose, describe and correctly design your research. In general, writing a PhD dissertation is somewhat similar to a diploma, but it takes much more time - about 2 years. Yes, and the requirements for design and content are much more serious.

When the Ph.D. thesis is written, it is time to defend it - you will be required to submit the dissertation to the “judgment” of the reviewer, as well as set out the main milestones of your research, and answer the questions of the Higher Academic Commission. Needless to say, not everyone succeeds. The defense of a Ph.D. thesis may end unsuccessfully, but this is not a reason to abandon the idea of becoming a Ph.D. The main thing is to know all the requirements for a PhD thesis.

General requirements for the volume of a Ph.D. thesis

There are no specific requirements for the volume of a PhD thesis. They are not fixed in any regulation. Basically, these issues are regulated by the internal rules of the university - and then, as a recommendation. However, there are certain rules of scientific ethics, following which you can count on a successful dissertation defense. Here are some of them.

An important point that is worth mentioning right away. The list of references, abstract, and all applications are not taken into account in the volume of the candidate's dissertation. Only clean, meaningful text.

General requirements for the volume of the abstract of a PhD dissertation

The abstract is a short excerpt from your dissertation, describing its main milestones. The abstract contains the substantiation of the relevance of the problem, the main stages of the study and conclusions. Not all members of the Higher Academic Commission will read your Ph.D. thesis. But everyone is sure to familiarize themselves with the abstract. Therefore, pay special attention to its design and volume - no more than 3 pages, this is just a brief summary. By the way, students wishing to borrow it from the library will also study your dissertation based on the author's abstract.

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