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About Jamaica Connect

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The world is changing and Jamaicans are constantly being impacted more and more by these changes. In recent times, matters surrounding immigration and other important  rights have become of grave concern to Jamaican citizens living overseas, particularly in the United States, Canada and the UK. This site was created as an information resource  to address these growing concerns, as well as to provide real time news that's of impact and value to Jamaicans globally. This site partners with the Embassy of Jamaica to provide outreach and disseminate real time information to Jamaican Citizens primarily residing in the United States and other foreign countries.

Jamaica Connect (JC) will share daily news information that might be of interest to the diaspora, as well as news and information that might have a direct impact on Jamaican citizens home and abroad. We act as an aggregate to source links to important  news, websites and organizations, immigration information and updates, legal information for persons requiring guidance, information on educational initiatives and scholarships-- that might be of interest to foreign students, returning residents guide and general information on travel to Jamaica including passport guidance and travel advisories.

This is a members community free to sign up and share with other members. We want to hear from Jamaican citizens as well about stories and issues that are affecting them where there they are. Use the JC 'Talk Up" page to share your thoughts and engage with other citizens in real time. Use the  contact form to submit an urgent question for the Embassy or Jamaica Connect and sign up for our daily newsletter. Join the Jamaican Ambassador, Her Excellency Audrey Marks on 'Let's Connect' a monthly intimate chat available to all Jamaicans who wish to connect with the Ambassador. Reserve your space here.

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